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DUMAKOLAB is appreciated for its civil engineering and construction coupled to quality,professionalism and its service fruitful contributions to all projects in the economic world. We evaluate client’s needs with detailed goals that range from rehabilitation and maintenance to prolong life cycles to mitigating losses and damages.

We cover all aspects of laboratory testing from commercial laboratories, mobile and on-site testing, across Africa, with our strength and expertise.

Dumakolab Services

Our product offering is extensive. The company is equipped, accredited and specializes in the testing and analysis of a variety of materials and products with quick turnaround testing times and accurate reporting.

We cover all aspects of laboratory testing from commercial laboratories, mobile and on-site testing, across Africa, with our strength and expertise in:



Soil and Gravel Testing

Aggregate Testing

Asphalt and Bitumen Testing

Concrete Testing

Geotechnical Testing

Drilling (percussion and diamond)

Specialist on-site testing such as plate load testing, DPSH (Dynamic ProbeSuper Heavy), SPT (Standard Penetration Testing)

As well as material investigation which includes center line, borrow-pit, geotechnical and foundation investigations, with test results delivered in a fully comprehensive professional report.

Soil and Gravel Testing

DUMAKO LAB’s Soils Laboratory offers clients numerous basic and advanced soil and gravel tests. Soil or gravel testing assists with the evaluation of soil properties to engineering requirements in terms of bearing capacity, material durability and robustness.

Every sample submitted for testing goes through a unique registration process captured in our computer database system before it is processed through our
different divisions.

All samples are prepared before tests are conducted and dependent on the type of test required, the sample will migrate through a variety of processes.
The following basic testing is available from our laboratory:
• CBR (California Bearing Ratio)
• UCS (Unconfined Compressive Strengths)
• MDD and OMC (Maximum Dry Density and Optimum Moisture Content)
• Road indicators (Sieve analysis and Atterberg limits)
• Nuclear density tests
• Geotechnical tests
• Permeability
• Collapse potential
• Foundation investigations TO NHBRC (National Home Builders Registration
Council) standards
• DCP Testing (Dynamic Cane Penetrometer)
• Compaction testing on site (nuclear method or sand replacement)

Asphalt and Bitumen Testing

DUMAKO LAB is positioned to carry out some of the most specialized asphalt testing in South Africa, adding value not only through the contribution of our
resources, but through innovation and accredited best practice methodology. We offer the full scope of design and acceptance testing on hot mix asphalt
either in our laboratory or on-site namely:
• HMA Design (Hot Mix Asphalt)
• Gyratory compaction
• Modified Lottman
• Mobile load simulator (MMLS3) evaluation

Customers receive the most accurate evaluation of properties such as strength, durability, reliability, longevity, rutting and fatigue. We assist with testing of newly researched or asphalt base designs in which we facilitate on mix design and slurry seals to serve customers’ ever changing needs. A fully compliant binder testing laboratory is incorporated into our asphalt testing laboratory for design evaluations, control testing and acceptance testing such as the Brookfield Viscosity Test on polymer modified binders. Our quality assurance and control testing procedures incorporate:
• Marshall Control
• indirect tensile strength
• Immersion index
• Maximum theoretical relative density
• Bulk relative density
• Binder content
• Moisture in asphalt
• Bitumen testing

Concrete Testing

During the construction process various quality standards need to be met to ensure all materials used in the building process meet the high standards of the
building industry. Our modern, state-of-the-art concrete laboratory and highly trained, experienced staff are able to provide the following services to this
specialized field:
• Greenfield investigations
• Forensic testing including site damage ‘and failure investigates
• Quarry assessments
• Batch plant efficiency
• Routine site testing
• Aggregate analysis
• Optimized concrete mix designs
• Site sampling
• Fire and storm damage assessments
• On-site pull out tests
• Deflection measurements on slabs and beams under static and dynamic loads
• Core drilling and core testing
• Elastic modulus
• Shrinkage and creep determination
• Concrete durability testing which include oxygen permeability
• Water sorptivity
• Chloride conductivity
• Flexural strength testing on concrete beams

Strength testing on concrete masonry units such as bricks, blocks and paving units is also conducted. Additional testing on masonry units would include
absorption, efflorescence (dimensions), shrinkage and expansion.


Our Clients

Many companies today are happy to have dealt with Dumakolab. So could you!

Below follows a lost of some of our happy clients.

  • 1. Abners civil construction
  • 2. Best Enough Trading
  • 3. Bicacon Group
  • 4. Cebinto plant hire
  • 5. City park trading
  • 6. Dlamzak mining & construction
  • 7. Fikile construction
  • 8. Tshino consulting engineers
  • 9. Lazwi engineering
  • 10. Sula group
  • 11. Tshawe infrastructure technologies
  • 12. Mont consulting engineers
  • 13. Hi End
  • 14. IE engineers
  • 15. Gorogang plant
  • 16. GPTN trading
  • 17. GS fencing
  • 18. Iceberg
  • 19. Just right
  • 20. L&R civils
  • 21. Mathomomayo investment holdings
  • 22. Bohlabatsatsi construction
  • 23. Matiyane civils
  • 24. Mavu-Ashu civil construction
  • 25. Moepeng 40
  • 26. Mogoba maphuthi & associates
  • 27. Mzandas trading
  • 28. Neckmay trading
  • 29. Nkp consulting engineers
  • 30. NJ nkosana
  • 31. Nomfundo consulting engineers
  • 32. Noponde business enterprise
  • 33. Nyako infra & engineering
  • 34. Penolea construction
  • 35. Reatlegile construction
  • 36. Rotunda civils
  • 37. Sefako group
  • 38. Triple desire
  • 39. Triple wave
  • 40. The bright future 412
  • 41. Unity construction
  • 42. Vea construction
  • & many others

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

Dumakolab specializes in roads engineering and construction. Our team members have more than 15 years experience in the industry.

We provide a comprehensive range of services related to the roads industry. We provide a one-stop solution to the roads engineering and construction needs of private as well as public entities. Whether you are a municipality, government or private developer, Dumakolab can assist you.

Our services range from testing, consultation to implementation of a solution. All services rendered at the highest quality

Remember! Great roads start with Dumakolab!


We offer strategic assessments of projects, whether it be a new road, or an existing road that needs refurbishing. Contact Dumakolab now to make your project a success


We offer the full range of tests that precede and conclude the road construction process. Our tests range from Soil Chemical Testing, to Field Tests to Aggregate testing.


We offer the full construction process. This includes field and site laboratories. It also includes all the related services like Material Tester training, road markings, site supervision, drilling and cutting etc… 

More about Dumakolab

DumakoLab (PTY) Ltd is a fully black-owned company registered with the Department of Trade and Industry. 

The company was founded by Mr Mandla Masango, a well-known entrepreneur and experienced businessman and is operating in the Civil Engineering Laboratories and related sectors. 

Our company has its office in Kwaggafontein in the Mpumalanga Province. 

Our strength lies in delivering an efficient and professional service by collaborating with our clients, partners and the communities in which we operate. Using our vast industry knowledge, we combine our expertise and combine it with the latest technology and methods to deliver on our mandate. 

DumakoLab works closely with municipalities to ensure that elements of their Integrated Development Planning processes are addressed. This is done by infrastructure development as well as reducing the country’s high unemployment rate through key projects of the Expanded Public Works Programme. 

For a more detailed look at what we do, please download our company profile.

We’ve Been in Business For Over 15 years

The Dumakolab team believes that hard work rewards!

Make sure you benefit from our great services like so many other companies already have!


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Feel free to contact us. Whether it is for quote, or you need some consultation drop us a mail, or give us a call. Our team is always on hand to supply you with some expert advice.

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CEO: Mandla Masango